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Contacting the UARC

General Inquiries

UARC Staff:
Contact information can be found on the following website:

Mailing Addresses:

USPS mail:
P.O. Box 7
Moffett Field, CA 94035

FedEx deliveries:
Building 19, Room 1085
Moffett Field, CA 94035

NASA interoffice mail:
Mail-Stop 19-26

Take Moffett Field Exit off highway 101 in Mountain View and head East, merge into Clark Road, or take Moffett Field Exit off highway 85 and turn right onto Moffett Blvd. Continue until you reach the Security Gate at Moffett Field.

At the Security Gate show your ID to the Guard and let the Guard know you are going to UCSC UARC Building 19. Continue straight ahead and you will pass on open grassy area. Building 19 is the second building on the left side of the open reserve. There is limited parking in front of Building 19, however there is a parking area behind Building 19. To reach the parking area, continue straight ahead until you come to McCord Ave. Turn left on McCord Avenue and go past North Akron and the Post Office. After passing the Post Office, turn into the second driveway on the left, and you will come to the open parking.

The UARC suite of offices, is on the NW end of Building 19 (Rooms 1080 – 1089).


Map of NASA Ames Research Center
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UC Santa Cruz

UCSC Vice Chancellor for Research
Dr. Scott Brandt

Managing Director
Angela Wray
(650) 604-6690

Business Operations Director
Steven Campbell
(650) 604-0507

Aligned Research Program
Dr. Quentin Williams (Director)
(831) 459-4229

Michael Oye (Deputy Director)
(650) 604-1179

Systems Teaching Institute
Jennifer Victoria (Manager)
(650) 604-2994

Research Administration
Jay Nuez (Manager)
(650) 604-2638

Jennifer Victoria
(650) 604-2994

Joyce Chao
(650) 604-0546

Human Resources
Esther Sylvan (Manager)
(650) 604-0541

Debbie Murchison
(650) 604-0534

Compliance/Business Contract
Andrei Trifonov (Officer)
(650) 604-1284

UC Santa Cruz

San Jose State University

Strategic/Mentoring Advisor, STI
Olenka Hubickyj
(650) 604-5727

San Jose State University

NASA Ames Research Center

Contracting Officer
Mark Lefler
(650) 604-3038

Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
Maylene Duenas
(650) 604-6370

Alternate Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
Sonie Lau
(650) 604-4944

NASA Ames Research Center

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