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Women in Science Video Project

During the last two weeks in July 2015, sixteen Girl Scouts from around the Bay Area came together to learn about filming. In teams, they got first hand experience producing and editing professional grade videos. They used these new skills to profile the fascinating research that happens at NASA Ames Research Center, and the women who make it happen. 

NASA Synthetic Biology Innovation Lab

UARC researcher Frank Shang talks about the Synthetic Biology Innovation Lab and Genelab database project at NASA Ames Research Center.

Enabling UAVs for Earth Science

This video highlights collaborative work between the UARC and NASA in developing technologies to enable UAVs to perform remote sensing Earth science missions.

NASA Quantum Computing

UARC researcher Alejandro Perdomo talks about quantum computing and how he is collaborating with NASA to advance quantum computing capabilities to support a variety of NASA missions.

Systems Teaching Institute

The Systems Teaching Institute is a hands-on internship program that matches graduate students with NASA and UARC researchers at NASA's Ames Research Center, helping to develop the next generation of researchers and scientists.

Aligned Research Program

This video provides an overview of the Aligned Research Program, which makes awards to University of California Faculty to conduct research in support of NASA's mission. Research highlights in this video include air traffic management and astrophysics.

More Videos

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