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News & Events

US Patent Office Issues Dynamic Weather Routes Patent

November 2015

The United States Patent Office issued Patent 9,171,473, titled, "Method and system for dynamic automated corrections to weather avoidance routes for aircraft in en route airspace." The patent application was initially filed in December 2012. NASA has developed the Dynamic Weather Routes (DWR) ground-based automation system that continuously and automatically analyzes in-flight aircraft in en route airspace to find opportunities for time- and fuel-saving corrections to weather avoidance routes. DWR is estimated to have saved over 1200 minutes in flying time for 260 American Airlines revenue flights in Fort Worth Center during DWR testing from July 31, 2012 to November 5, 2013.

2015 Ames Honor Award

November 2015

Congratulations to the Chok Fung (Jack) Lai for Excellence in the category of Contractor Employee.

The Fruit Fly Lab Team, which includes Chetan Angadi (Intrinsyx Corporation), also won in category of Group/Team.

2015 NASA Honor Awards

October 2015

Congratulations to the following individuals and teams for receiving the 2015 NASA Honor Awards.

Dynamic Weather Routes Team: For developing a ground-based trajectory automation system that will help U.S. airlines reduce delays due to severe weather.
Jinn-Hwei Cheng, Heinz Erzberger, Hassan Eslami, Saugata Guha, Sue Hinton (ACI), Chuhan Lee, Steve Merrill, Jody Null, Pat ONeal, Keenan Roach, Scott Sahlman, Rey Salcido, J D Sanders, Joe Walker, Joe Walton

Spot and Runway Departure Advisor Team: For outstanding service and contributions supporting simulations and fielding for surface research at NASA Ames Research Center.
Cynthia Freedman, Hanbong Lee, Waqar Malik, Kenny Ray, Anthony Seo, Leonard Tobias

The North Texas Research Station Team: For the successful preparation and hosting of a high-visibility visit by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to NASA's North Texas Research Station (NTX).
Jody Null, Keenan Roach, John Sanders

UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Workshop Team: For exceptional planning of the UTM Workshop that attracted future partners and media interest in NASA's vanguard effort to integrate UTM in the civilian airspace.
Yolanda De Rouen, Sheryl Wold

Inventions and Contributions Board Awards

September 2015

  • Steven Green, Minghong (Gilbert) Wu - Optimum Strategies for Selecting Descent Flight-Path Angles - Patent Application Award
  • Heinz Erzberger, David McNally, Kapil Sheth - Dynamic Weather Routes Tool - Software Release Award

NASA Commercial Invention of the Year

September 2015

The Direct-To Controller Tool, developed by a NASA Ames team which includes UARC inventors Heinz Erzberger and Danny Chiu, won this prestigious award, which is selected by the NASA General Counsel once a year based on submissions from all the centers. Their outstanding work offers a significant contribution towards safely increasing fuel efficiency and reducing flight time and emissions for aircraft flying in the national airspace system. The tool is a method of automation, and a system of computer hardware and software to implement the method, which helps en-route air traffic controllers and aircraft operators identify opportunities to safely fly directly to specified downstream waypoints or navigation fixes on their previously filed flight plans.

Women in Science Video Project 2015

August 2015

During the last two weeks in July 2015, sixteen Girl Scouts from around the Bay Area came together to learn about filming. In teams, they got first hand experience producing and editing professional grade videos. They used these new skills to profile the fascinating research that happens at NASA Ames Research Center, and the women who make it happen. 

STI Student Receives Two Prestigious Awards 

June 2015

Brandon Cook, a University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) aerospace engineering student through the UARC'S Systems Teaching Institute Program, is recognized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts (AIAA) as an emerging aerospace professional. His innovative Guidance, Navigation and Control research on unmanned aerial systems awarded him $2,500. In addition to this achievement, Cook won the 2015 National Omicron Delta Kappa John D. Morgan Graduate Scholarship. Find out more about Brandon's work, achievements, and aspirations on the University of Cincinnati's website.

2014 NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Associate Administrator Awards

May 2015

NASA's North Texas Research Station (NTX) Team - Honorable Mention for Program and Mission Support (Group) Awarded for coordination and implementation of activities in support of a visit by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

The NTX team coordinated with NASA partners including the Federal Aviation Administration, American Airlines, and Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to provide tours of the region's air traffic facilities, senior leadership meetings, demonstrations, and a press conference. They successfully navigated ever-changing agendas, schedules, security requirements, the availability of high-ranking VIPs from all partner organizations, and even a moratorium on visitors to FAA facilities mandated one day before the Administrator's visit. UARC Awardees: Louise Morgan-Ruszkowski, Jody Null, Keenan Roach, J.D. Sanders

FY2014 NASA Small Business Industry Awards

April 2015

NASA Agency is pleased to present the Fiscal Year 2014 NASA Small Business Industry Awards (SBIA) compendium. This recognizes the outstanding Small Business Subcontractors that support NASA in achieving its mission. The selection criteria for this category is as follows:
1. Performs well as a subcontractor on NASA contracts at nominating Center.
2. Provides value-added and outstanding support - on schedule and within cost - to the prime contractor, as well as innovative solutions to problems/issues that arise in the execution of the contract.
3. Works cooperatively with NASA and prime contractor personnel.

ELORET staff supported the research efforts that created a nanotechnology-based chemical sensor used to monitor the air quality in the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, which earned it the 2012 NASA Invention of the Year award. The technology has also been used on the Mars Curiosity Rover to analyze the atmosphere of Mars and was supported by both the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. For more than 30 years, ELORET has been a small business supporting NASA's goals.

2014 Ames Contractor Council Awards

November 2014

The following University Affiliated Research Center staff were recipients of the 2014 Ames Contractor Council Excellence awards: 

Team Awards:
The Global Hawk Payload IT Operations Team: Caitlin Barnes, Dorothy Patterson
For exemplary support of NASA Global Hawk science deployments to Guam and Wallops Island.

Machining Learning and Data Mining Team: Kamalika Das, Hamed Valizadegan, Vijay Janakiraman
For exceptional research and development achievements of various data mining and machine learning methods as applied to 'big data,' i.e. data with large volume, high velocity, high variability, and changing definition.

Individual Awards:
Julien Peterson for outstanding contributions to the Dynamic Weather Rerouting project. He performed detailed and complex analysis, co-authored a paper, and provided leadership fixing difficult software problems.

Dr. Manikandan Ramasamy for exceptional research, innovation in solving aerodynamic problems, serving as a leader in developing and successfully completing team projects within the given timeframe, and mentoring young minds interested in science.

2014 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony

November 2014

The following University Affiliated Research Center staff were recipients at the 2014 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony:

Exceptional Public Service Medal
Kamalika Das for exceptional accomplishments in addressing NASA big data challenges and developing algorithms that scale to massive data sets while achieving domain-significant results.

Group Achievement Award
ACAWS Systems Engineering Analysis Demo Team (Tom Dayton, Madelyn A. Quinol)
Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing Shaping Control Team (Greg Hornby)
Autonomous Loss-of-Control Cueing Team (Vahram Stepanyan)
Flight Deck-ATC Departure Simulation Team (Waqar A. Malik, Kenneth A. Ray, Yong Goo Seo)
LADEE Project Management (Gregory T. Delory)
LADEE Spacecraft Team (Richard J. Hurtz)
Nanosat Launch Adapter System (NLAS) Team (Madelyn A. Quinol)
Precision Departure Release Capability (PDRC) Team (Jody Null, Keenan Roach, Louise Ruszkowski, John Sanders)
Prognostics Team (Sriram Narasimhan)
SEAC4RS (John Bush, Roseanne Dominguez, Kent Dunwoody, Eric Fraim, Patrick Grant, James Jacobson, Carl Sorenson)
Space Launch System (SLS) Aeroacoustics Test Team (Laura Kushner)
UAS Integration in the NAS Full-Mission Sim Team (Michael Abramson, Charles Walter)

2014 NASA Ames Honor Awards

July 2014

Benjamin Waxman (Student Award) and the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer Team (Group/Team Award) were recipients of the Ames Honor Awards.

Ames Safety Awards Program (ASAP II)

July 2014

Congratulations to Frank Shang for winning the Ames Safety Award. He is responsible for the development and implementation of The Innovation Lab, a state of the art facility to apply synthetic biology tools to a variety of scientific disciplines.

NASA Ames Technology Awards

January 2014

On January 22, 2014, several Aviation Systems Division researchers were the recipients of awards selected and conferred by NASA Ames Research Center's Inventions and Contributions Board and sponsored by the Ames Technology Partnerships Division.

The Patent Application awards were given to the following Aviation Systems Division members for the completion of a non-provisional patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office:
Dr. Kapil Sheth, Dave McNally, and Dr. Heinz Erzberger
"Method and System for Dynamic Automated Corrections to Weather Avoidance Routes for Aircraft in En Route Airspace"

Software Release Awards were given to the following employees for completion of the Software Release Authority documentation:
Larry Meyn, Dr. Heinz Erzberger, Daniel Mulfinger, Leonard Bagasol, Jane Thipphavong, and Danny Chiu
"Stochastic Terminal Area Scheduling Simulation (STASS)," which is a fast-time simulation system originally created to
study terminal area arrival scheduling concepts.

Harry Swenson, Xiao Liang Chen, and John Robinson,
"Terminal Sequencing and Scheduling Software for Air Traffic Control"

Tech Briefs Awards were given to the Future Air traffic management (ATM) Concepts Evaluation Tool (FACET) team, upon documentation of approval of an article for publication in the NASA Tech Briefs magazine. The team members were: Karl Bilimoria, Gano Chatterji, Shon Grabbe, Kapil Sheth, and Banavar Sridhar.

2013 NASA Ames Honor Awards

November 2013

Laura K. Kushner (ACI) has been named a Contractor Employee of the Year.

AIAA 2014 Intelligent Systems Award

October 2013

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) presented their 2014 Intelligent Systems Award to Dr. Heinz Erzberger. The award recognizes important fundamental contributions to intelligent systems technologies and applications that advance the capabilities of aerospace systems. The award citation reads, "For pioneering research in developing intelligent systems that increase the efficiency and safety of aircraft and air traffic control operations."

FAA Excellence in Aviation Research

September 2013

The Excellence in Aviation Research Award is presented each year for conducting research that supports the FAA's core goals to enhance safety, improve efficiency, increase capacity in the national airspace system, and continue to lay the groundwork for the Next-Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). The Three-Dimensional Path Arrival Management (3D-PAM) Team, which includes Hassan Eslami, Amir Farrahi, Patrick D. O'Neal, Rey Salcido, Minghong G. Wu, and Min Xue, was cited for conceiving, developing, and transferring to the FAA new technology and procedures to expand the capacity of the NextGen air traffic management system while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of aviation. Developed in concert with the FAA, Boeing and airline partners, this technology is a key element of the multi-agency NextGen effort to transform U.S. aviation operations. 

2013 NASA Honor Awards

August 2013

Air Traffic Management Technology Demonstration-1 Team: Leonard Bagasol, Steven Chan, Liang Chen, Danny Chiu, Michael Downs, Daniel Du, Leland Helmle, Hai Ou-Yang, and Terry Smith. Group achievement award for making groundbreaking technical progress towards the field demonstration with eight large-scale, high-fidelity human-in-the-loop simulations.

NASA North Texas Research Team (NTX): Louise Morgan Ruszkowski (Flatirons), Jody Null, Keenan Roach, and John D. Sanders. Group achievement award for over 15 years of outstanding contributions in developing, testing, and transferring advanced air traffic management technologies for the National Airspace System.

2013 Center Innovation Fund

July 2013

Jing Li and Yijiang Lu (Eloret) has been selected for "Drill Embedded Nanosensors for Planetary Subsurface Exploration."

Dr. James Arnold Honored with the Al Seiff Award

June 2013

The Alvin Seiff Memorial Award, presented annually at the International Planetary Probe Workshop, recognizes and honors a scientist, engineer, technologist or mission planner for outstanding career achievements and contributions to the understanding of planetary (including Titan) atmospheres utilizing high speed entry probes. The 2013 awardee is Dr. James Arnold, a senior scientist in Code TS. Dr. Arnold was selected based in his life long, outstanding contributions that has enabled our understanding of planetary (including Titan) atmospheres utilizing high speed entry probes. Dr. Arnold's contributions excompases personal contribution to the science and engineering of probes, managerial excellence in ensuring NASA's capabilities were fully developed and enabled planetary missions and mentoring of a generation of people that are NASA's leaders today.

Dr. Arnold is currentluy a senior scientist (IPA from University of California, Santa Cruz) in the TS division. He was hired by Al Seiff when he was fresh out as an undergraduate from University of Kansas in 1962. He had a long meritorious career spanning five decades with NASA prior to his retirement and was the division chief of TS division when he retired in 2002. He adds this honor on top of two Presidential Rank Awards he received while at NASA.

NASA Government Invention of the Year

April 2013

"High Sensitive, Low Power and Compact Nano Sensors for Trace Chemical Detection" invented by Jing Li, Meyya Meyyappan, and Yijiang Lu (Eloret). The invention includes methods and systems for estimating one or more unknown parts of a gas using carbon nanotubes. The sensors have been deployed by NASA to detect trace gases in the crew cabin on the International Space Station. Other federal agencies are using sensors based on this technology to detect trace gases in various environments.


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