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Summer 2008 Graduate Student Internship Program

Systems Teaching Institute

Internship Opportunities

San Jose State University and University of California, Santa Cruz are partners in the development of the UARC’s Systems Teaching Institute (STI). As NASA builds its future workforce, it needs professionally educated scientists and engineers with on-the-job experience akin to what a medical doctor receives in medical school. STI will serve science, technology, engineering and mathematics students as a teaching hospital serves medical students. Students will learn through direct experience on research projects where they examine realistic problems and data. STI will create accomplished new researchers by bringing together curriculum and practice.

There are currently no internship openings. Thank you.


To be eligible, students must be enrolled in (or accepted into) a four-year university, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Program. Students must demonstrate their potential to contribute to Ames research via enrollment in a highly relevant degree program (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) and/or articulation of:

  • Acquired skills that might be of special interest
  • Prior educational background that shows interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Specialized career goals directly related to NASA’s mission

For Foreign Nationals:
Students who have F-1 status may work under certain circumstances while they are in the United States. There are two major categories of work for which an international student may qualify: employment on campus and employment off campus. Working as a UARC/STI Graduate Student Intern would constitute employment off campus, for which there are two categories:

  • Curricular Practical Training: Internship authorized by International Student Advisor
  • Optional Practical Training: 12 months authorized by USCIS per degree level

The Curricular Practical Training requires that you receive academic credit for your internship at your home institution. More detailed information can be found at the San Jose State University International Programs and Services department.
We highly recommend that all foreign nationals speak with their respective university organizations about the feasibility of obtaining the appropriate work permit. Please note the earlier application deadline for foreign nationals (below).

Students will receive an hourly pay commensurate with experience.

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