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Summer 2008 Graduate Student Internship Program

Systems Teaching Institute

Information for Prospective Mentors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor for the Systems Teaching Institute.

The STI is looking for highly dedicated, responsible, and encouraging mentors. Mentors with the STI should be willing to devote ample time to their student's learning process, they should be patient and understanding of any trouble their student may have with a given assignment, and they should be able to provide real work that will keep the student engaged.

In short, we expect each STI mentor to discern the difference between simply "managing" a student and truly "mentoring" a student.

To be an STI Mentor, you need to either be a UARC employee or a Task Manager to a UARC task.

There are two ways to become a mentor:

1) Provide funding for the student (Task Requestor has funding for a student):
In this case, a new UARC task will be executed. To initiate this process, simply send an email to Jennifer Victoria with a full position description. This should include duties/responsibilities and qualifications.

A rough budget will be created for you, depending your desired internship length (quarter, half-year, year).

2) Apply for a UARC-funded STI Student:
Each year, the STI tries to provide student interns to no cost to you or your organization. To be considered for one of these mentorships, please email Jennifer Victoria with a full position description (including duties/ responsibilities and qualifications). Be sure to include your desire for one of these UARC-funded interns. If you are selected for one of these internships, you will be notified by April 2012.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Victoria via email or at 650-604-2994.

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